Are you frustrated with how little space you have on your countertops? A kitchen island, or lack thereof, has the potential to make or break your kitchen. Not only is the kitchen island aesthetically pleasing, but it helps expand the countertop space as well as giving you more room for storage, the ability to have seating, and much more! However, not every island is created equal. While they can be similar in design and style, it comes down to what works for your current kitchen and how your family does their day-to-day tasks.

How do you pick out the perfect kitchen island?

● Size: There should be at least 36 to 48 inches between your existing countertop and your island. This space allows for plenty of walking space, especially if two people are cooking together.

● Shape: The island should match the flow of the kitchen. If the other countertops give off a square feel, then so should the island. The same goes for countertops that are long and narrow. There could be some exceptions depending on your style, but that is something to discuss with the designer.

● The Shelving: Islands can have open shelving, closed cabinets, or a combination of both. Your shelving comes down to what you want your island to house such a sink, appliance, etc.

● Multiple Islands: If you have a larger kitchen or you’re planning on extending the kitchen, two islands might be beneficial to your workflow.

● Seating: Every island has the opportunity to double as a seating area. Usually, barstools are enough to allow for people to sit comfortably without too much hassle. The length of your island will depend on how many people can be seated at one time. Also, you might need to have the edge of the island extended to allow for legroom.