Did you know you can transform your small kitchen to make it feel huge? No, we’re not talking about breaking down walls or sacrificing space from other areas. It all comes down to how you decorate the room. In a sense, you’re tricking the eye with colors, reflections, and other decorations into thinking you have a much bigger space. Even though you’re not gaining space, you’ll still have a luxurious feeling.

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● The Right Color: One of the best ways to open up any room, not just your kitchen, is by painting the walls a lighter color. The lighter the room is, the more open and spacious it will feel. Dark paint colors will make the room feel closed up.

● Keep it Reflective or See-Through: Solid, dense materials give off a feeling of taking up space. The bigger the object, the more space it takes up. Switch this up with reflective finishes such as stainless steel for the fridge and stove. Even a mirror as the backsplash can expand the room. Use glass or another see-through material as a cabinet insert or the shelving to help the room feel bigger.

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● Avoid the Clutter: The worse thing for a small kitchen is clutter. If you have too much stuff, there’s no way to organize it nicely. Without any organization, a small kitchen can feel even smaller. Take more of a minimalistic approach to your things by only having what you need will help make your kitchen feel more substantial.

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