We are in the fledgling state of a new decade. As expected, with every new era comes new trends, expectations, and advancements. The year is 2020 and we have seen our world transform within the blink of an eye. The trends are swaying towards the natural/eco-friendly and away from the highfalutin & gaudy designs of yesteryear. Although an expressive aesthetic is still desired by most, the conservation, and benefit, the greener method has on our environment is beginning to be the premier selling point on most kitchen and bathroom renovations. We have crafted this blog to educate you on how to make the most eco-friendly bathroom that will help you do your part for the earth.

Low Flow Fixtures – Historically, “low-flow” has had a quite negative connotation surrounding it, like weak, or perhaps inefficient. With the technology of today, these fabulous, water-saving fixtures are much more effective than their earlier precursors, while still providing you with a lower water bill and a smaller quantity of water wasted.

Recycled Material – Steer away from acrylic and other unnatural substances for countertops or tilework. Your space will gain a more sophisticated aesthetic when using finishing materials such as wood, stone, or glass. These materials are also much less harmful to the environment; so you can look good while doing good!

wet room style bathroom
Modern bathroom interior

Shower screen – Vinyl shower curtains are falling out of prominence, and for good reason. Those old curtains are hard to clean, hard to dispose of and get filthy quickly. The most ergonomic, economic, and eco-friendly choice is a glass shower screen. When contemplating your next remodel, definitely lose that curtain and plan to upgrade to a shower screen.

All-natural Cleaners – Not really a remodeling item, but if you are going the distance on becoming a green machine, might as well go the extra mile and stock your cabinets and soap trays with the safest all-natural cleaning products. From disinfectant sprays to shampoo, there are all kinds of natural cleaning products available today many of which are locally made and plant-based.

Drying rack – Towels have one job: absorb water. That is exactly what they do, making it a pain to clean towels in a washer/dryer. The endless spin cycles and hours of sitting by a dryer only to realize you should have put 2 towels in at a time. Enter drying racks; a simple addition to your bathroom which can end up saving hundreds of dollars, and hundreds of gallons of water. Wash your towels normally and hang them to dry where you already plan on using them, in your bathroom. This will help save energy & time with your regular laundry and you will always have fresh towels in your bathroom!

Towel Drying Rack

Once you get a taste of the green lifestyle, it is hard not to consider the impact each person has on this plant. Every little bit a person can do to aid in the conservation of this planet and its resources will go a long way. If we all did a little bit each day, we may make an impact big enough to make a real difference. These are just some ways we can do our part while still maintaining the modern-day comforts we have all worked so hard to perfect. Thank you for reading! We hope this blog found you well and is a useful resource in your next bathroom renovation! Feel free to check back anytime to learn more about upcoming tips, tricks, and trends. Stay green!