With the holidays coming up, and even the new year, having a remodel can really spice up a home, adding to the new year, new look vibe. It could be a complete remodel, where everything is gutted and replaced, or it could just be a fresh coat of paint. Here are some kitchen design trends that are going to be popping-up in the upcoming year.

Kitchen Remodel Trends 1

● Focusing on the ceiling: More often than not the ceiling is an afterthought. It’s painted a lighter color, or it’s the color of the walls (usually a lighter color as well). A way to add flare to a kitchen is to go dark with the ceiling leaving the rest of the room a lighter color. Consider a few options such as wood paneling, or wallpaper, for your ceiling to add a little something extra!

● Mix & Matching Metals: Instead of keeping fixtures the same metal such as stainless steel, nickel, or brass, mix and match the metals. Consider nickel for the faucets and knobs, while choosing a different metal, such as brass, for the light fixtures.

● Open Shelving: Why hide those gorgeous dishes you picked out to match your kitchen decor? Open shelving can be a minimalistic way to decorate your kitchen using just your dishes instead of having a bunch of clutter that may get in the way.

new kitchen with white cabinets

● Open Kitchens: Kitchens can sometimes feel a little closed in, especially when there’s a lot of heat from the cooking. Creating an open kitchen can not only solve the problem with the extra heat, but lets you interact with people in the other room (typically the living room).

● From the Bottom Up: Instead of having the focus on the walls or large appliances make your floor a focal point. Put down tile with a pop of color or go bold with it. Keep the rest of the kitchen a lighter color so it’s not a mismatched overload.

Kitchen Remodel Trends 2
Kitchen Remodel Trends 3